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Zoi Kokkini

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2015 Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography

University of the Aegean

Ph.D. Thesis: Assessment of the water fluxes from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean using a coastal HF radar

2008 M.Sc. in Integrated Coastal management

University of the Aegean

M.Sc. Thesis: Climatology of the Aegean Sea, based on measurements of the 'Poseidon' System (published in Greek)

2006 B.Sc. In Marine Sciences

University of the Aegean

Major projects: 

Argo -Italy

Project POSEIDON-II, funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EFTA) and by the Greek Government.

Inter-basin exchange in the changing Mediterranean Sea: Impact on the ecosystems in the vicinity of the Straits connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the adjacent Basins. (MedEX). MarinERA funded project.

Greek infrastructure for the autonomous ocean observing system ARGO (ARGO), funded by the European Roadmap of Research Infrastructures, by ESFRI-European Strategic Forum For Research Infrastructures

Tracking Oil Spills and Coastal Awareness Network (TOSCA), funded by MED, Objective 2.3: Maritime risks prevention and strengthening of maritime safety.

Specifically Targeted for Radars INnovative Gauge (STRING), funded by the Hellenic ad French Governments in the framework of the bilateral projects 2013 ‘Plato’.

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Greek (mother language), English, Italian