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Gianni Madrussani

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1990 – 1999: Received his MS in Geology from the University of Trieste discussing: Geophysical and structural evidences related to the presence of gas hydrates on the margin of South Shetland Islands (Antarctic Peninsula).


From 1981 to the present he has been employed at the OGS. Since from 1982 he has been working at the OGS on different assignments. 1981 - 1984 - He has worked with a gravity acquisition crew on land and sea. 1984 - 1994 - He has employed in the OGS data centre with different tasks. 1995 - Present - I was mainly occupied on the development of graphic software for the visualization of geophysical data. Currently his activity is aimed at the tomographic processing of 3-D data and the development of advanced users interfaces for a tomographic software package.

Skills & Interests: 

Gas hydrates in the marine and land environment. Tomographic processing and interpretation. Development of graphic user interfaces and visualization of geophysical data.

Major projects: 

TO-3D - Validation of a 3D tomography code with adaptive irregular grids. 4DTail - Reservoir monitoring by 3D tomography and AVO inversion. HYDRATECH - Seismic investigations of methane hydrate offshore Norway and Svalbard. Eglacom - Evolution of a glacial Arctic continental Margin.

Spoken languages: 
Italian (mother language) and English (discrete reading and writing skills)