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Antarctic Seismic Data Library System

OGS hosts the Antarctic Seismic Data Library System (SDLS), a dynamic library in which are kept and maintained the digital multichannel seismic reflection data acquired in Antarctica by all nations.

The SDLS is for use by all members of the scientific community. The data are distributed by OGS to 12 branches (Branch Library) worldwide on CD-ROM / DVD in a standard SEGY digital format, and through the website

The production of the DVD is funded directly by the person who collected the data or by the National Research Program in which they were acquired.

The guidelines for the operation of the SDLS are defined in the report SCAR # 9 (1992) and subsequent amendments. The data are stored at the SDLS in the period between 4 and 8 years after their collection. The SDLS protects the intellectual property rights of those who collected the data and provides free access to data after 8 years, as required by the Antarctic Treaty, to facilitate multinational geo-scientific research projects.


Contact person: dr. Nigel Geoffrey Wardell