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Energy resources

OGS activities have always been addressed to the technological development and research related to the energy sector. OGS has been able to constantly adapt to continuous changes of this sector, by providing cutting-edge research, technology transfer and research activity addressed to the industry.

OGS activity is particularly sensitive to the growing request of renewable resources implementation, and to the mitigation of the environmental impact of the fossil fuel utilization.

The main OGS activities are focused on research and development addressed to renewable resources and to non-conventional resources and CO2 geological storage (Carbon Capture and Storage-CCS).


Socio-economic impact

The research and development on Energy Resources has a great socio-economic impact. The activity is heavily funded by the private sector, especially national, with a direct impact on the economy. Other activities OGS is the main sponsor of the European Commission, which pursues the objective of creating a governance at the European level on the containment of CO2. With its activities, unique in Italy, OGS fits well within the community strategies to respond to the great challenges of climate and energy that Europe intends to pursue in the future, particularly for the achievement of a Low-Carbon Economy in 2050. OGS skills are extremely important in the use of innovative techniques for the extraction of non-conventional oil and the use of energy from alternative sources, such as geothermal energy, thus contributing to the development of a low carbon economy and the production of energy sources, clean and efficient.