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EUROFLEETS (Towards an Alliance of European Research Fleets) is a project of Research Infrastructures I3 (Integrated Infrastructures Initiative) under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, now in its second phase of four-year funding, which proposes the creation of an European distributed infrastructure of research vessels. Duration: EUROFLEETS: 2009-2013. EUROFLEETS 2: 2013-2017; EUROFLEETS 3: 2017-2021.

The motivation for EUROFLEETS is the actual lack of coordination, sharing and inter-operation of naval-Research European infrastructures.

The objective of EUROFLEETS is to group and coordinate the managers of the naval-research European infrastructures to achieve an integrated and economic (cost-effective) management to provide research services for monitoring and sustainable management of regional seas and oceans, and to give access to all European scientists to these vessels.

The specific objectives of the initiative are:

  • To structure and integrate permanently on a European scale, through a common platform, the management of research vessels by increasing their inter-operative potential;
  • To use in a cost-efficient way the existing regional and ocean European fleets;
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and technological capabilities between academia and industry;
  • To promote the use of green and sustainable European research vessels;
  • To ensure full access to infrastructure for European researchers;
  • To strengthen and support the coordinated development of the EU fleet in terms of capacity and productivity.


OGS and CNR are partners in the project since 2009, offering the use of:

  • R/V OGS Explora as Ocean infrastructure (it is one of five European ocean infrastructures);
  • R/V Urania (CNR) as regional infrastructure.


In addition, the Italian scientific community has access to EUROFLEETS through the free participation of researchers of the calls published for the use of naval facilities.

In the work program of the project EUROFLEETS 2 it appears explicitly the goal of inserting the European fleet of naval research infrastructures in the ESFRI roadmap.


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Contact person: dr. Michele Rebesco