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National Oceanographic Data Centre

OGS hosts the National Oceanographic Data Centre for Italy in the system IODE of UNESCO IOC, active for the storage, quality control and dissemination of marine data. The NODC maintains a database with more than 364,000 vertical profiles of physical and biochemical variables collected in the Mediterranean over the last 100 years (1889 to 2012) and more than 2,600 time-series of physical and meteorological parameters (sea currents, sea level, waves) collected from 1951 to 2012. All data are made available through a simple web interface.

The NODC operates as a national reference for the management of marine data historians (physics / chemistry), promoting the exchange of information with the development of a national information system based on protocols and technologies already adopted at European level, and acting in line with the European Union guidelines.

For more information:
Contact person: dr. Alessandra Giorgetti