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NODC - National Oceanographic Data Center

The Unit is responsible for the development and consolidation of the leadership of the Italian National Oceanographic Data Centre / IOC OGS through the maintenance of a European infrastructure SEADATANET, integrating all related activities in this context, such as the management and coordination of data and meta-data within major national and international projects in collaboration with other sections of OGS.

The activity involves mainly:

  • the collection, storage, cataloging of oceanographic data, standardization of formats and procedures for QA / QC;
  • the development of computer systems for the efficient management of the access node to the data;
  • the management and maintenance of the portal for accessing and displaying data, metadata, and products;
  • the creation of innovative products aimed at the visualization of marine data and accessibility of basic information on the state of the marine environment required by European directives, in particular by the MSFD.