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Seismic and bathy-morphological data processing and data bank

OGS has a long tradition in the development and management of geophysical data dating back to the 70s when, in addition to research projects, it was also contractor in numerous commercial projects.

This vocation has remained unchanged over time, so that OGS considered very important to invest in an infrastructure, information technology (IT) that would meet the needs of management, processing, integration and interpretation of geophysical data. By the time, the research activities have become increasingly complex and the resources, human, of software and hardware that underlie and support these activities, developed and specialized.

The infrastructure comprises a data processing centre with a considerable computing power and storage that allows consolidating most activities. With a vast amount of investment, commercial software for processing and for the interpretation of the data is made directly accessible by an integrated system. To this end, OGS has developed, maintains and constantly updates a database where, in special rooms, it is stored a large amount of geophysical data collected both through acquisition OGS campaigns, and through his collaborations or initiatives for sharing data, and also through the recovery, digitization and conformation of historical data and paper documents. Simultaneously, a considerable effort is on-going to dematerialize what can be managed via the web, developing, in parallel with the database on a physical medium, an innovative web-based system that allows direct access to them. The data is read directly from the storage system and displayed by the user that can parameterize them through the graphical interactive web interface.

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Contact person: dr. Paolo Diviacco


Central Bureau of IGFS International Gravity Field Service

OGS is from 2011 the Central Bureau of IGFS International Gravity Field Service, which is a service of the IAG (International Association of Geodesy). The task of the Bureau is to organize and coordinate the different associations related to IAG, set the standard observation data of the gravitational field, define computational procedures, provide either standard processing, establish procedures for the storage of data, and define and implement geopotential reference system, facilitating the availability and use of elevation and density models.