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Laura Mariotti

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Assegni di ricerca


PhD in Physics at L’Aquila University in collaboration with the ICTP of Trieste (Italy)


Degree in Physics at L’Aquila University



Mar 2016 - present


Post-Doc (Assegno di ricerca) c/o Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS) Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/C - 34010 - Sgonico ( TS ) - Italy

Aug 2010-Feb 2016

Post-Doc c/o The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste Italy

Jan 2008 - Jul 2010

Fellowship c/o The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical
Physics (ICTP), Trieste Italy


Capacità e interessi: 

·      Data Assimilation

·      Climate change impact studies in different countries

·      Water resources studies

·      Calibration and modeling of the regional climate model REGCM

·      Calibration and modeling of the CETEMPS Hydrological Model  CHyM


Major projects: 

·      MASSIMILI: development of a multi-data assimilation scheme to integrate Bio-Argo floats data with Ocean Colour satellite data into the biogeochemical modelling systems of the CMEMS Monitoring and Forecasting Centres.

·      CORDEX: climate simulations over Africa and South Asia

·      NEXTDATA: climate scenario simulations over different domains; census of climate simulations


·      ACQWA: climate scenario simulations and hydrology simulations over the Alps

·      EU-INDIA GRID: scientific collaborations to address new e-Infrastructure for Climate Change from Europe to India

·      ENSEMBLE: climate simulations over Africa

·      WATCH: Land-use change experiment over the Sahel Region

PUBLICATIONS  [ HI Google Scholar 17]

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CO-ORGANIZER of the Workshop

  • April-May 2015 - 3nd Workshop on Water Resources in Developing Countries: Planning and Management in Face of Hydroclimatological Extremes and Variability: "CHyM around the world " (talk)     Gave tutorial: the CETEMPS Hydrological Model CHyM  and the graphical tools.
  • May 2013 - CO-ORGANIZER Conference 2nd Workshop on Water Resources in Developing Countries: Planning and Management in a Climate Change Scenarios: "Climate change impact on water resources for several river basins: a European, Asian and African case study" (talk)  Gave tutorial of: the CETEMPS Hydrological Model CHyM  and the graphical tools
Curriculum vitae: 
Lingue parlate: 
Italian (native); English