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Lorenzo Petronio

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Dirigente Tecnologo
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He received his MS degree in Geological Sciences (1993) from the University of Trieste, with a thesis concerning the integration of high resolution reflection seismic and gravimetric data for hydrological study. He received his PhD in applied geophysics (1997) from the University of Trieste with a thesis on processing, interpretation and inversion of onshore and offshore seismic data (near vertical/wide angle reflection and refraction data) acquired in the Etna volcano area (Sicily).


Since 1998 he has been working at Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale -OGS as geophysicist:

1998 - 2012: at seismic-while-drilling research group;

2013 – present: coordinator of Land and Inshore Acquisition data and technology Development group (LIAD).

His research activities include acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data; development of new acquisition and processing techniques suited to improve signal/noise ratio in surface and shallow borehole seismic data; application of seismic-while-drilling data to predict the lithological and rock property variations ahead of the  tunnel-boring-machine. He is involved in  project concerning the use of geophysical methods applied to the study of landslide and hydrogeology. Research activities included also seismic oceanography and acoustic methods to detect seawater column layering and plumes.

  • He is P.I. of 13 funded projects.
  • Authors of 14 papers, 80 congress presentations and more than 55 technical reports.
  • Co-author of a patent for data processing in tunnel seismic survey.
  • He took part to several onshore/offshore seismic, gravimetric and seismological surveys.
  • Reviewer of Geophysics, Geophysical Prospecting, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata.
  • Member of SEG and EAGE.


H index 8, n. citations 545

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Capacità e interessi: 
  • Applied geophysics
  • Geophysical methods for environmental and geotechnical applications
  • Seismic oceanography and acoustic methods for water column mapping
Major projects: 

Funded Research (Principal Investigator)

  1. "Geophysical and bathymetric survey at Monfalcone harbour", 2014; 45.000 euro
  2. "Geophysical and bathymetric survey at Trieste Marine Terminal", 2014; funded by Trieste Port Authority, 32.000 euro
  3. "Geophysical/geological study in a contaminated site", 2013; funded by Trieste Port Authority, 45.000 euro
  4. “Geotermia Grado fase 2”,  2012; funded by Grado Municipality, 182.000 euro
  5. “Evaporite dissolution study - Quinis-Enemonzo”, 2012; funded by Enemonzo Municipality, 20.570 euro
  6. “High resolution reflection seismic in the Bagno Vignoni geothermal area”, 2012; funded by CNR Pisa,  12.000 euro
  7. “Seismic investigation on the Monte Toc/Vajont  landslide body”; 2011, funded by Padova University, 15.000 euro
  8. “Trieste harbour - offshore high resolution seismic investigations”; 2010 funded by Trieste Port Authority 28.000 euro
  9. “Fiume Bruna – phase 2: Seismic reflection data processing and tests”; 2010, funded by Independent Energy Solutions S.r.l., 6.000 euro
  10. “Vertical Seismic Profile  Fiume Bruna 1 well: quality control, data processing and interpretation”; 2010, funded by Independent Energy Solutions S.r.l., 8.000 euro
  11. “Fiume Bruna – phase 1: Seismic reflection data processing”; 2009, funded by Independent Energy Solutions S.r.l., 60.000 euro
  12. “Fiume Bruna – phase 0: Seismic reflection data processing”; 2007, funded by Independent Energy Solutions S.r.l., 14.000 euro
  13. “Seismic reflection survey: feasibility study and walkaway test”; 2007, funded by Independent Energy Solutions S.r.l., 4.000 euro
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