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Alessandra Giorgetti

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Dirigente Tecnologo
+39 320 4644653

Degree Certificate in Mathematics at Trieste University, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, in July 13th, 1994 with a thesis on Higher Geometry entitled "Relationship between algebraic curves defined over Q and topological surfaces with a 1-complex plunged"and a term paper entitled "The Shannon Pentagon and the Lovasz umbrella".

The university study plan has included examinations of Numerical Analysis (30), Logic of Digital Calculators and Programming Theory (30), Probability (27), Theory of Games and Decisions (30).


From 1995 to 1997 scholarship at OGS Department of Oceanography to develop specific research in oceanographic data management.
From 1997 to 2002 researcher on contract at OGS Department of Oceanography in the field of oceanographic databases within the European projects MTPII/MATER and MEDAR.
From 2002 to 2004 technical researcher on contract at OGS Department of Oceanography as scientific responsible within OGS of the European project EDIOS (2001-04), performing all the project activities, and contact person for the collection of information for Italy within the European project SEA-SEARCH (2002-05).

From 2004 to 2009 permanent technical researcher at OGS Department of Oceanography acting as principal investigator on the project ADRICOSM-EXT (2005-06), as scientific coordinator for OGS in the European project SEADATANET (2006-2011), in the project ADRICOSM-STAR (2007-2010), funded by the Ministry of Environment, and in the contract Puglia (2008-09) dealing with the validation of the data collected from the meteo-oceanographic monitoring network in some sites of the Apulian coast, responsible for technical design, development and updating of the Italian meteo-marine archive Archimede (2005-06 and 2007-08), commissioned by APAT, participating in projects Eurofleet (2009-13), Geo-Seas (2009-12), Euromed (2008-10), and PALME (2009-10). Since 2006 coordinator of the research unit National Oceanographic Data Center / IOC within the Departmnet of Oceanography.

Since 2009 Senior technical researcher at OGS Department of Oceanography. I am in charge of the research unit National Oceanographic Data Center / IOC within the Department of Oceanography.

2009-2015 deputy of the Scientific Board of the Department of Oceanography of OGS.

2015-present deputy director of the Section of Oceanography of OGS.

Skills & Interests: 

Alessandra Giorgetti, coordinator of the research unit NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center/IOC) within the Oceanography section OGS/OCE . She graduated in Mathematics at University of Trieste (Italy) in 1994. Since 1995 working at OGS in the field of physical oceanography, mainly concerned with oceanographic data management, scientific data validation and processing; participating in several national and international projects (MODB, MATER, MEDAR, SeaSearch, EDIOS, ADRICOSM and ADRICOSM-EXT, SEADATANET , ADRICOSM-STAR, ARCHIMEDE); scientific coordinator of OGS activities within SeaDataNet2 and ODIP. At present she is coordinator of the EMODNet Chemical lot.

Major projects: 

I participated to the following projects:
* EU Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base (MODB)
* EU MTP II MAss Transfer and Ecosystem Response (MATER)
* EU MEditerranean Data Archaeology and Rescue (MEDAR/MEDATLAS II)
* EU European Directory of the Ocean-observing System (EDIOS)
* EU Concerted Action is a Pan-European Network For Ocean & Marine Data and Information Management (SEA-SEARCH)
* ARCHIMEDE, Archive of national meteo-marine data sponsored by APAT
* ADRICOSM, ADRICOSM-EXT and ADRICOSM-STAR funded by the Ministry of Environment

* Puglia (2008-10), as responsible for the validation plan of the data collected by the meteo-oceanographic monitoring network  in some sites of the Apulian coast
* EU Eurofleet (2009-13) and Geo-Seas (2009-12)

* EU Pan-European Infrastructure for Ocean & Marine Data Management SeaDataNet (2006-11) and SeaDataNet2 (2011-15)

* EU Ocean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP)

I coordinated the EU tender EMODNet Chemistry ( with a consortium of 25 partners from SeaDataNet network of NODC’s.

Spoken languages: 
Italian as mother language, English and Spanish.